Ownership Information
Important Documents and Information Regarding Talking Rock Creek RV Resort.  Please review closely before purchasing a lot in our Community.
Exhibit C of (CC&Rs)  By Laws
TRCCA Architectural Control Directives  (updated May 2023, Amendment March 6, 2021 and Amendment May 20, 2023) - Please review BEFORE making any changes to your lot.  You must complete the Architectural Control Form (on the last page of the AC Directives document) and submit for approval before any work is initiated. 
Please Note: 
1.    180 Day – Annual Usage – Covenant (Deed restriction of 180 days in a 365 day period). 
A.    This Rule exists per the Murray County Department of Health R.V. Park Guidelines implemented and recorded in the Murray County Records, by the Dept. of Health 11/15/04 and agreed upon by TRCCA in order for TRCCA R.V. Park to exist/operate.
B.    This Rule applies to ALL TRCCA lot owners.
C.    In order to be considered a “full time” resident of TRCCA (365 day/year usage) lot owners must own at least two lots within the campground, and only occupy one lot. (Ref:  August 7, 2021 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes)